3-D Bonnit Brush Carpet System

Another Innovation that Enhances Your Cleaning Productivity

3-D Bonnit Brush Carpet System


There is absolutely nothing like the 3D Bonnit Brush System for its ability to clean large and small carpeted areas in just about any type of facility. This low-moisture, deep-cleaning system will astonish you with its capacity to dig out deeply embedded soils, fling them up to the carpets and be captured in the absorbent slotted pad. This is a MUST SEE for every facility.

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[For the replacement bonnits for this system, refer to Part #BO-019-17]

The 3D Bonnit Brush System offers the fastest, lowest cost, and quickest drying system for cleaning commercial soft surfaces on the market! When coupled with our proprietary chemical products, you can be assured of deeply cleaned and groomed carpet fibers that will dry in 10-15 minutes - GUARANTEED!

In the below video, we removed a basketball-sized (syrupy) stain that was nearly 2 years old, that other cleaning chemicals and methods had failed to remove. The amount of soil recovery is only dependent on your keeping clean, slotted bonnits coming so that they can be loaded time and time again by the gentle, but deep -reaching nylon bristles. Comes complete with a case of (4) 19" Bonnits. Prepare to be amazed!

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