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Precision Engineered

Designed and engineered here in the USA, you can be assured that everything we provide is truly commercial grade.

American Made

Wherever possible, each of the items we make and sell, are made here in America with American steel and other components.

Environment Friendly

Each of our pieces of equipment are designed to require less water and generate less waste, which is environmentally responsible.

Shipped Worldwide

While made here in the USA, our units have been shipped to almost every continent on the face of the Earth! We can ship to you!

Fas-Trak - From its Inception

Fas-Trak Industries is a proactive innovative manufacturer of performance related application technology for the maintenance & janitorial industry. Our passion is redefining application processes through our shared engineering synergies. Our proprietary patented technology is industry proven and addresses the main challenges related to floor care issues today namely – labor savings dollars as well as providing superior results. Our customer base is a who’s who which includes Broward County, Houston, and Greenville school systems, Mall of America, US Postal Services, Southeast Services and Abbott Labs to name a few.

We started in 1999 when Ken Cote in Milwaukee, Wisconsin decided to sell his patented invention to Fas-Trak Industries. Ken started as a building service contractor who took a problem and later transformed it into a passion to redefine application processes. Nine years later the company has continued to reinvent itself and vision which is in creating innovative performance solutions. Our proprietary process continues as we add to the line offering. We are honored that the spirit of the Cote-matic lives on and the legacy continues as we forge a leadership role in innovative performance solutions.

Some of our foundational principles … are founded on the Judeo Christian principles that made this country great – Faith, Family, Honesty, and Integrity along with strong work ethics. As our forefathers forged a path we have also pioneered a product line and pushed through the complacency to new plateaus of progress. We feel that because we design with a passion, we have broken through the limits of current protocol and given birth to a new industry leading solution. Our networking capability has also broadened our ability to tap into additional mind share, therefore allowing us to retain our leadership role in the market place.

Why Schools LOVE the Ultra-Trak!

Think about it...

A single machine that can simultaneously dust mop and damp mop large floor areas as fast as an automatic scrubber at just half the cost.

And then, that same machine can apply floor finish at up to 20,000 sf/hour, making deep scrub & recoats a task that can be accomplished in an evening.

And finally, that same machine can then be converted in under a minute to a broadly applicable disinfectant and sanitizer applicator for use on just about every conceivable surface in a school. Yes, schools love the Ultra-Trak!

Our Team

Let Us be of Service to You.

Mark Feldmeier

VP of Sales | Presenter of Innovations

While Mark resides in Crown Point, Indiana, he lives out of a suitcase - covering from Coast to Coast presenting and applying his companies innovations to particularly tough problems with total ease and expertise.

Heather Farquhar

Customer Service | Marketing Support

Heather is, by everyone's estimation the brains, heart and organizing center of this company. Wearing more hats than magician, she keeps Mark and all of the gears of the company running as smoothly as humanly possible.

Jay Farquhar

IT Support | Marketing Support

Along with his wife, Heather, Jay brings a sense of operational balance and steadiness to the team that is always necessary to offset and, at times, slow down the 1000 miles/hour sales team!

A real team-player.

David Borofsky

Floorcare Innovator & UV-C Master

In the past 5 years, David has brought many of the fresh innovations to Fas-Trak that Mark then masters, presents and sells. From this man's genius has come the Bonnit Brush, Bug and 3-D Systems and UV-C products.

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