Bucket-Wringer vs 3-D System

Traditional Mopping Method –

Tools Used for This Method:

  • Cotton or Blended String Mop
  • Handle Bucket with Wringer
  • Cleaning Solution: 4 gallons of water8 ounces of detergent
  • What happens while you mop? Because the mop is perpetually re-introduced to the water from the soiled floor, the cleaning solution gets dirtier and dirtier – finally to the point mop and water are both equally saturated with soil – no further transfer is possible. 
  • The mop (and water) are difficult enough to change that the user just spreads dirty around and NO CLEANING ACTION HAPPENS.

The 3-D Method

Tools Used for this Method: 

  • Foam-filled microfiber pads (recommend having up to 4, if water is not handy)
  • Handle-Head with available scrubbing bristles
  • On-board cartridge or in-hand pump sprayer
  • Cleaning Solution:20 ounces for every 1000 sq ft on average..25-.50 oz for 20 ounces of water.
  • What happens while you mop? With our 3-D System, you start with pre-dampened pads (just water), and an on-board cartridge (or pump/trigger) sprayer of cleaning solution. 
  • Dirty corners, spills, spots and grout lines are pre-treated with cleaning solution. Let the mopping begin!
  • Flip or swap out soiled mopheads, or just rinse and wring them at a sink. 
  • When the task is complete, toss them in the laundry, using a little of our Soil Release Concentrate as a detergent.

A Summary Contrast of the Systems

The string mop and bucket combination spreads the dirty water, detergent (that attracts more soil) and bacteria from one area of the building to another.

The 3-D Brush & Mop Method, captures, contains and removes to soil to the waste stream. The string mop and bucket combination starts with 4 gallons of water, and 8 ounces of detergent – that’s  1460 GALLONS of water and nearly 12 GALLONS of detergent for every 1 bucket/day/year. The 3-D Brush & Mop Method, saves over 1086 GALLONS of water and 9 GALLONS of detergent each year over the traditional methodology.

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