Fas-Tab HSC ClO2 Sanitizing & Deodorizing Tablets – 1 gram

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Fas-Tab HSC ClO2 Sanitizing & Deodorizing Tablets – 1 gram


Make a quart of cleaner, deodorizer and sanitizer with just a single tablet, about the size of an aspirin. Designed for use in trigger bottles or with the 3-D Ultra Mop, the 3-D Fluid Mop or our NEW Table Mop, in areas like: - school kitchens - classrooms - locker rooms - school buses and more.

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FT-HSC100 (100 tablets/jar)

Achieve a MICROSCOPIC CLEAN with the FAS-TAB Hygienic Surface Cleaner.... 

  • Cedar Creek System
  • 3-D Scrub System
  • 3-D Mop System
  • Table-Top Cleaner

While with a simple quart bottle you can all sanitizing or deodorize small spaces in:

  • School Kitchens
  • Locker Rooms
  • Classrooms
  • School Buses

Simply use (1) 1 g tablet for each quart of water into a clean, seal-able container to create a 4 minute cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing solution, at a cost well under a dollar per quart.

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