Fas-Vac 28″ Battery Wide Area All Surface Vacuum

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Fas-Vac 28″ Battery Wide Area All Surface Vacuum


Fas-Vac Li-Ion Battery wide area ALL SURFACE vacuum is a state of the art labor saving solution for larger areas. Fas-Vac is equipped with a 36V Li-Ion battery that delivers 1 1/2 hour consistent run time. Proven industrial design and lightweight design offer unrivaled maneuverability and performance. Large 1.5 cu yard capacity for fewer bag changes. Made proudly in the USA.

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The L-Shape/Low Profile Designed  of the Fas-Vac is perfect to clean around and under furniture with wrap around bumper to protect furniture and walls from damage.
The Chevron Pattern Brush of the Fas-Vac directs the soil particles into the optimal location for full recovery in the vacuum liner. Four rows of bristles are designed for grooming. Dirt and debris are moved toward the center, while the “no-fling” brush barrier contains and directs the dirt and debris into an over-sized filter bag for maximum pickup.
The Heavy-Duty Construction of the Fas-Vac comes from a 40 year proven welded steel chassis, that is mounted on a structural foam housing, provides added durability and strength; yet they are lightweight (under 75 lbs) with excellent maneuverability.
The 5 Position Height Adjustment of the Fas-Vac makes it quick and easy pedal adjustment levers to gently position the brush into the desired height.
The Cordless Freedom of the Fas-Vac, with its Li-Ion Battery operated so you can go through those large hallway, function rooms, etc. without worrying about having to plug to an outlet.  No more cord trip hazards!

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