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The Fas-Trak Ultra-Trak revolutionized floor coating in a day when finish was applied with wringer buckets and cotton mops, and entirely changed the standard for productivity.

Designed and most suitable for large, open spaces, the Ultra-Trak saves time, saves finish and with minor adjustments, can be quickly and easily converted to a cleaning machine that dust and damp mops as fast as an automatic scrubber.

Ultra-Trak for Coating

In this video, you will see how versatile the Ultra-Trak can be: from concrete floors to a racquetball court at North Carolina State University…

Ultra-Trak for Cleaning

..where it was then reset to clean this long hallway in the same facility. With the Ultra-Trak, with light soil, you can both dust and damp mop at the same time.

The Fas-Trak Ultra-Trak Plus was released this year so as to capitalize upon the powerful pump and on-board liquid storage capacity to add fine-mist disinfection as the sixth unique task assigned to this amazing unit.

This is now a standard feature for the Ultra-Trak, which has been now renamed the Ultra-Trak Plus.

Ultra-Trak Plus – Video 1

This video details the latest improvements to the design, as well as the broad versatility of the unit. For more information on the chemistry, check out Fas-Tab.

Ultra-Trak Plus – Video 2

This video shows that while being built for durability, the unit is still completely suitable for use by even the smallest of custodians.

Click HERE to view our Video Owner’s Manual

The Fas-Trak Ultra-Trak for Concrete has revolutionized the application of densifiers and sealers for the concrete industry.

Having so much adjustability and versatility, the Ultra-Trak outperforms all competitors and allows for the application of either ultra-thin or flood coats, as the situation requires.

Ultra-Trak for Concrete – Great Features

Check out the features and benefits offered by the Fas-Trak Ultra-Trak for Concrete that other “wannabees” just can’t match!

Ultra-Trak for Concrete – Pure Fun

In this video, the 48″ wide applicator head is featured and while the video is long, it does a great job illustrating how easy and fast this unit coats floors!

The Fas-Trak Sting Ray was released a few years ago to provide the smaller facilities with a low-cost, easy-to-clean yet durable dispenser for applying floor finish or gym finish.

Hands-down better than carrying around a cumbersome backpack, with its tubes and valves that never seem to come completely clean. Use with the self-dispensing pour-in pail or with bag-in-box packaging.

Sting Ray – Vinyl Tile Coating

This video shows how quickly and evenly a single user can coat floors at a rate of about 6,000 sf per hour. With a second worker the rate skyrockets.

Sting Ray – Gym Floor Coating

The T-Bar has become the standard for coating gym floors so as to get the maximum coverage out of each gallon. With this unit, coating time is cut by 1/3.

Our 3-Dimensional System is designed to provide the best of both worlds when preparing and deep cleaning hard floors – even profiled floors.

The brushes dig deeper than the surface pads, while the pads make full use of the weight of the machine for pressure.

Reduce deep scrubbing and stripping times by an easy 50% over conventional methods.

3-D Stripping – On Terrazzo with Stripper

Listen to the scraping and cutting of the bristles and hi-pro pad as it rips through old damaged floor finish and rapidly emulsifies it for removal.

3-D Compilation – All Systems

Scrub embedded soil from flat or profiled floors with the blue 3-D Scrub System. Reduces chemical consumption, replacing it with mechanical action.

The Fas-Trak Brush & Mop Systems are hands-down the very best options for cleaning floors of all types: smooth VCT, profiled rubber, grouted tile, slip-resistant epoxy and fitness matting.

The soft nylon bristles take care of recessed areas, while the absorbent, double-sided microfiber pad captures soil better than any conventional mop could ever dream of doing.

3-D Fluid Tool with 2 Options for Heads

With either the Fluid Tool or the Deluxe Spray Handle, the cleaning results you get from the Brush & Mop head and handle are astonishing.

Brush & Mop Kit

This simpler version, without the bucketless handle, still provides tremendous results on smooth or profiled floors.

Carpets are supposed to be cleaned with the same frequency as hard floors.

But they aren’t. If they were, the fiber-destroying soil load and allergy-inducing bio-burden would be far less a deterrent on your IAQ.

The 3-D Bonnit Brush Systems

changes the narrative – offering the greatest value available in methods for interim carpet cleaning.

3-D Bonnit Brush for Carpet

When you have become convinced that an interim method for cleaning your carpets is right for you, there is no better method or system than this one.

3-D Bonnit Bug for Carpet

The second component of this system is this hand tool which is perfect for quick spotting of spills and spots or for pre-treating stained areas ahead of cleaning.

Of what value is disinfecting all of the surfaces in a room, if the air is not going to be cleaned and sanitized of contaminates?

The Fas-Trak UV Systems

can address the air we breathe with minimal daily cost, high particulate filtration and proven UV efficacy.

Fas-Trak UV-400 Room Air Sanitizer

with total portability from room to room, and a superior room-air-space turnover, the UV-400 offers tremendous value.

Fas-Trak Full Line UV Overview

from fixed ceiling fixtures with or without lighting, and built-in UV air sanitation, the potential for long-term air purity has never been better.

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