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Innovations for the Cleaning & Coating Industry

3-D Bonnit Brush Carpet System
3-D Bonnit Bug Carpet Spotting Tool
3-D Brush & Mop 12″ Replacement Head
3-D Grit Scrub System (BLUE pad)
3-D Grit Strip System (BLACK pad)
Cedar Creek Deluxe Kit – Rocker Tool + 3-D Brush & Mop
Diamond Shape Urinal Absorbent Pads
Diamond Shaped Urinal Mat Holders
Fas-Edge Triple-Head, Counter-Rotating Everything Machine
Fas-Stik Scuff Removal Tool
Fas-Tab HSC ClO2 Sanitizing & Deodorizing Tablets – 1 gram
Fas-Tab HSC ClO2 Sanitizing & Deodorizing Tablets – 20 gram
Fas-Vac 28″ Battery Wide Area All Surface Vacuum
Fluid Tool Rocker Mop Microfiber Covers 5″ x 19″
Longopac Waste Containment System
Micro-Trak PLUS Sealer & finish Applicator
Pebble by Fas-Trak Air Purifying Hand Dryers
PRO-TAB Compressed Cloth Towels, 500/Box
Replacement Cleaning Pads for Bonnit Bug
Scale-Away Chemical Free Cleaning Pad – 2-5/8″ x 4-1/4″
Scale-Away Chemical-Free Cleaning Pad – 4″ x 10″
Ultra-Trak PLUS – The Ultimate Facility Time-Saver
UV-400 Air Purifier (APRS)

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