3D Grit Scrub System


In floor cleaning, sometimes you need a brush, and sometimes you need a pad, for one material and the other each have their strengths and their weaknesses – BUT, put them together and they can be virtually unstoppable!

With the 3D Grit Scrub System, you get the perfect cleaning solution for Johnsite rubber floors, natural stone floors, and grouted tile system cleanin.

This is a MUST SEE for every facility.



The 3D Grit Scrub System offers a far superior way to simply and easily scrub tile floors ahead of re-coating or deep clean profiled floors like rubber, grouted tile, and concrete.

The flexible .035 grit bristles dig soil out of grout lines, and from around the edges of profiled stone and rubber floors, while the pad effectively cleans off the surface.

Choose between blue pads, or the more aggressive green.  The kit includes the driver block, .035 grit brushes and a full case of pads.