The Fas-Stik Scuff Removal Tool


Do you feel defeated in removing scuff marks in a quick, professional manner?

Fas-Trak Industries is proud to introduce our Fas-Stik, another innovative tool to assist in your floor maintenance program. The Fas-Stik is revolutionary in that it is used to remove scuff marks and has a separate pad option to scrub or strip baseboards. The Fas-Stik saves time by reducing the buffing cycle. The Fas-Stik is lightweight but it has a weighted base design to allow for easy scuff removal.

It also works great as a touch-up tool!



How To Use

Method 1: Removal of daily scuff marks

The Fas-Stik is Simple and Easy to use! Most scuff marks will easily remove with just a simple rubbing motion. Just rub with a little pressure. Scuff mark debris will transfer to the surface and interior of the Scuff B Gone pad. When pad surface is loaded so that is no longer effectively removing scuff marks, remove pad from the clamps and rotate 180 degrees and reattach. This process may be repeated by flipping the pad over. You will get four surface positions from each pad!

Method 2: Removal of Stubborn Scuff Marks

Take your Fas-Stik and rotate the device 1800 and use the TOE of the Fas-Stik to apply more direct pressure to the desired area.

Method 3: Removal of Wax Buildup on Baseboard Areas and Hard to Reach Areas

Simply change your pad to the Fas-Stik Stripper Pad, which is specifically designed for baseboard scrubbing and stripping. This replaces your doodlebug type tool, which is quite ineffective to use when compared to our weighted ergonomic designed Fas-Stik.  DO NOT USE STRIPPER PAD FOR SCUFF MARKS!

Download the Fas-Stik Brochure Here

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