Ultra-Trak 36″ Fas-Mop Pad, 6/Carton


36″ Fas-Mop Cleaning Applicator Pads, 6per/ctn.


What is the Fas-Mop technique:

The Fas-Mop process is a cost-saving, high speed, result-oriented method of mopping light to moderately soiled hard floor surfaces. Utilizing pad rotation, and feeding clean solution to our specialty-cleaning pad, the Ultra-Trak delivers superior clean results, labor savings, and excellent benefits for the worker. Six times faster and easier than mop and wringers! Reduces chemical and water usages by more than 50%. Combines dust mop and damp mop in one procedure! Fas-Mop pads are reusable, lint free and absorb 7 times its weight in liquid. Pads can be washed or laundered over 300 times.