The Sad, but True Facts About Extraction

Let’s talk about the “wet” options for cleaning your carpets, and why their not practiced often enough to be effective…

Truck Steam Extraction – The combined use of surfactant detergents, High-CFM Air Movement and Steam can make this a tremendous option for cleaning your carpets can be a great combination. And if you happen to have the $100,000 of equipment, a really good option for cleaning your carpets on at least a weekly basis.  It may be slow, and the carpets may dry slowly, but let’s face it – it’s a darn-thorough way to clean a carpet.

Box Extraction Machines – These machine were created to be the nearest possible replacement for truck extraction. These units usually have pretty good pressure behind the water jets, and in many cases, decent water-lift on the vacuum side, but are extremely slow, and may leave the carpet so wet that not only does it take hours to dry, but it raises the risk of mildew or even mold developing in the interim. With up to 400 psi of pressure behind the water spray, it’s REALLY tough for the vacuums to keep up.

Self-Contained Extractors – One of the most common complaints against Box Extractors, is that they rely upon the water pressure to take the place of mechanical cleaning action; i.e., brushes.  However, there is only so much you can do with 100 volts. If you want to add a new brush-drive motor, you have to take current (work capacity) away from either the water pressure pump, the vacuum motor, or both. 

We have yet to find a machine of this type that can retrieve more than 1/2 of the water that it puts down on the carpet. If it leaves HALF the WATER behind, then it’s leaving HALF the DETERGENT, and HALF the DIRT as well.

Why consider the 3-D Bonnit Brush instead?…

It easy to set up, with very little investment – with just a low-speed buffer and the 3-D Bonnit System, you are all set to clean any carpet and clean it effectively.

It’s FAST! – Once mastered (in about 1-2 uses), you’ll be able to clean carpets at 4-10 TIMES the speed of any of the above traditional systems.

It’s EASY! – With a system that is this easy to set up, this easy to use and this easy to master, you’ll find that cleaning your carpets on even a weekly basis is of little strain on your workload.

It’s the Right Thing to Do – I started by telling you how carpets get soiled and contaminated on a daily basis. Bacteria – one of those contaminates – can double in number every 15 minutes, and living organisms can be spread with foot traffic on a regular basis. 

Doesn’t it make sense that a system that can clean as well as an extractor, leave your carpets dry in 10 minutes, cost less than $400 to add to your existing equipment, and use FAR less detergent than other methods to get a better job done.

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