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Experience Unrivaled Efficiency With Cleaning Equipment from Fas-Trak

Fas-Trak makes cleaning easy and quick. Get unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in your cleaning routine with Fas-Trak's advanced range of cleaning equipment.

From powerful scrubbers to versatile sweepers and high-performance vacuum cleaner, our innovative solutions are designed to streamline your cleaning processes and deliver exceptional results. Experience the difference with Fas-Trak and elevate the standards of cleanliness in your facility today.

Fas-Trak Logo in Red and White
Fas-Trak Logo in Red and White

Focused on delivering innovative and durable value with every use.

The labor to material plus tools cost ratio when coating VCT tile with floor sealer and finish can vary depending on the size of the project, the complexity of the application process, and the quality of the materials and tools being used. But, generally speaking, labor costs for applying the sealer and finish tend to be at least 400% higher than the cost of the materials and tools themselves. The application process requires skilled labor and can be time-consuming, especially for larger areas. The cost of the materials and tools, such as the floor sealer and finish, rollers, brushes, and other equipment, typically make up a smaller portion of the overall cost. However, investing in high-quality materials and tools can help ensure a successful and long-lasting finish on the VCT tile.

Uses both mechanical brush action to lift soil from carpets, profiled floor tiles and even indoor tennis and track material AND a powerful vacuum to capture soil securely in a disposable liner.

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Part # FV-28 - Fas-Vac 28" Lithium-Ion Powered Wide Area Vacuum

Enjoy cordless freedom and vacuuming speeds in the region of 25,000sf/hr. No that's an astonishing 8 TIMES faster than a conventional upright. Requires about 4 hours to charge for 3-4 hours of run-time - that's over 75,000 sf! Comes with 14 gallon liner, battery (1 or 2), charger and runs at a quiet 75 dB. Perfect for every market.

Soft Floor Care: Carpet Cleaning

3D Bonnit-Brush Driver Kit
3D Bonnit-Brush System Components

BL-022-17 - 3D BONNIT-BRUSH Set includes driver, clutch plate, brushes & 4 Looped, Absorbent Bonnit Pads.

Soft Floor Care: Carpet Spotting

BB-020-00 -


BL-008-00 -

Case (4) bonnits..

Hard Floor Care: Scrubbing or Stripping Tiles

3D Grit-Pad Cleaning Kit
Made in the USA Banner

BL-035-17 - BLUE SCRUB Set includes driver, clutch plate, brushes & 5 pads.

BL-050-17 - BLACK STRIP Set includes driver, clutch plate, brushes & 5 pads.

3D Brush System Logo

A Serious Set of Essentials for Every Facility Team and Floorcare Professional

For the facilities or contractors looking for the fastest, most effective and efficient means of removing soil from carpets, profiled tiles or coated vinyl - you need look no further than these complete sets that equip you with far more power than a box extractor at just a fraction of the cost. Clean up to 3000sf of commercial carpet per hour and have it be dry in less than an hour. Deep prep or scrub floors for sealing or strip tiles in HALF the time with our Blue-SCRUB or Black-STRIP 3D System Kits.

Click HERE to View Product Specification Sheets.

Fas-Edge Logo
Fas-Edge by Fas-Trak
Made in the USA Banner

Coming Soon!

Tired of trying to force a round buffer into a square corner?

Looking for the means of quickly cleaning, scrubbing or stripping baseboards? Then this is the machine for you! This multi-surface, bi-directional 3-headed buffer-scrubber will get you tighter into corners and work simultaneously on both the floor and baseboards. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Each brush spins at 525 RPM's - that is 5 TIMES faster than a traditional low-speed buffer.
  • With just 36 lbs of machine weight, this unit may be easily moved from room to room or worksite to worksite.
  • While the unit is sold separately, there are loads of options for brushes for just about any floor issue!

This unit is Part #FT-7500 and as mentioned above, all brushes are sold separately. Please contact our office for details.

Coming Soon

Ultra-Scrub MAX Logo

Big jobs are no problem with the ULTRA-SCRUB MAX 30” wide area floor machine by Fas-Trak Industries. Two 15” heads work in harmony to scrub, strip, or polish a 30” path quickly and effortlessly. Cut labor in half and still not break the budget with expensive automatic equipment. The Ultra-Scrub’s unique design provides Forward Assist™, a first of its kind in hand-held scrubbers. Get behind the Ultra-Scrub. It’s just like flying.

  • Robust design for years of service. Solid solution where performance results are required.
  • 2 Times Faster!
  • No expensive isolators to replace/repair.
  • Multi-use platform - all resilient and non-resilient Floors / Carpeting
  • 11-gauge steel construction - Build Tough!
  • Large 6-gallon solution tank!
  • World class design improves use safety by the counter-rotating brushes working together.
  • Outperforms oscillating “Square” units' hands down with 30 inches of productivity and better results!
  • Made by Fas-Trak Industries - company leader in floor care innovations!
  • Made in Indiana with pride.

FT-US-30, Accessories Available.

Fluid Mop with 3D Brush Tool
Gallery of Fluid 3D Mop Uses

Features that create a One-of-a-Kind Cleaning Story:

  • An Easy-Grip Handle & Trigger for Dispensing on Demand while reducing arm, shoulder and hand fatigue.
  • Ergonomically Designed Power-Grip that improves 'twist action' while eliminating wrist strain.
  • A Ring-Bumper that makes for more secure carrying, hanging and handling..


  • Removable cartridge features a wide mouth and 22oz capacity.
  • Floor Tool #1: The Rocker Mop - an ergonomically designed Velcro tool that uses a traditional microfiber flat mop but reduces smooth floor cleaning effort by 60%.
  • Floor Tool #2: The Brush n Mop - a brilliantly constructed tool for cleaning grouted lines and profiled floors. Just see how it cleans in the video below.

New From:

Fas-Trak Logo in Red and Black


The Spinnable, Extendable, Gentle Brush that removes fine dust from any surface within 15' of the floor.

The world's most effective damp wiper to date. Simply drop dry, compressed tablets into liquid cleaner or sanitizer an watch it grow instantaneously to a sturdy 9" x 9" rayon wiper. Rinseable, reusable. Contains 500 per box.

Fas-Tab Logo

Cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing tablets available in 2 sizes: 1g and 20 g. Small tablets for hand use or with 3D Fluid Tool, Large tablets for uses with Ultra-Trak Plus Spray System. See specification sheet for details.

Cleaning and Polishing at the Microbial Level. Available in 2 pad sizes/styles.


Glass before Scale-Away


Glass after Scale-Away



Stainless after Scale-Away


Porcelain before Scale-Away


Porcelain after Scale-away

See it, believe it, never go back to any other form of scrubbing.

Fas-Trak Logo in Red and White

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