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Fas-Trak & The Future of Hi-Tech Washrooms...

I'm sorry but I need to say it...

Most modern public restrooms are absolutely disgusting places. So little thought is put into managing the environment between cleaning visits, and generally no forethought is involved in such topics as:

  • Perpetual point-of-odor, odor-control,
  • Continuous Air Purification as a Means to Safer Spaces,
  • Creating a Message of Intelligent Hand-Drying Technology.

Fas-Trak thinks through it all.

Fas-Trak Logo in Red and White
Fas-Trak Logo in Red and White

Focused on delivering innovative and durable value with every use.

So, what is Wrong with Traditional Hand Dryers?

One common problem with hot air hand dryers is that they can take a long time to fully dry hands, leading to frustration for users who are in a hurry. Another issue is that they can be quite loud, potentially disturbing others in the restroom or causing discomfort for those with sensitive ears. Additionally, some hot air hand dryers can be unhygienic as they can spread bacteria and germs through the blowing air, defeating the purpose of hand hygiene in the first place. We know how to fix that.


The very highest level of Restroom Technology available on the market.

A sturdy, yet simple invention that combines soil absorbance, odor elimination and air quality control all in a point-of-odor floor matting system. Capture the urine and the odor, don't just let it puddle under the urinals.

Fas-Trak Logo in Red and White

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