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The Greatest Cause of Custodian Injury...


And we don't mean in the weight room, but day after day lifting heavy can liners straight up out of cans because there was no other way to accomplish the task.

For years, we have been working on two tasks related to Health & Safety - Back Strain and IAQ.

We'll get to the others later, but for now, we'd like to show you what we have assembled to eliminate waste cans as a source of injury and to improve the air of any room.

Fas-Trak Logo in Red and White
Fas-Trak Logo in Red and White

Focused on delivering innovative and durable value with every use.

Why We Focus on IAQ - Indoor Air Quality...

Indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools and commercial workplaces has a significant impact on the health and well-being of occupants. Poor IAQ can lead to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, respiratory issues, and allergies, which can affect productivity and performance. Additionally, poor IAQ can contribute to the spread of infectious diseases, leading to increased absenteeism and decreased overall effectiveness in the workplace. Let's together create a healthy and productive indoor environment for students, employees, and visitors.

Reva Wiper Unit

Every once in a while, something comes along that gives reason for pause... Reva is it.

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UV-400 Room Air Purifier

A Patented, yet Portable, FDA Approved Means of Purifying the Air in a room of approximately 800 sf. The size of an average classroom.

Introducing the 'go-anywhere', 'plug-n-play' UV-400. This standalone unit contains both high air movement and germicidal UV lighting that allows for air purification without ozone emissions.

  • Regenerates fresh, clean air 8 TIMES per Hour in a space of 800sf.
  • Air passes through 48" of UV-purifying lamps.
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free, Filterless.
  • FDA 510K (K062716) ETL Certified.
  • Catalytic Technology reduces or eliminates odors from pet dander, smoke or musty odors.
  • Even works on odors and VOC's from paints, varnishes, formaldehydes and nail polish removers.
  • Provides better, more consistent performance than those using HEPA filter.

Part # UV-400

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Never attempt a trash 'deadlift' again!

Never have to remove a 'less than full' liner again!

The Longopac System by Fas-Trak allows you to close off a liner at whatever length you want and without waste. Each full bag is slid out the bottom rather than lifted from the top.

Longopac Maxi & Mini Waste Receptacles
How LongoPac Works
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  • Reduces back strain.
  • Saves labor.
  • Quick & Easy liner changing.
  • Environmentally responsible.
  • Fully need adjustable.
  • Reduces plastic waste.
  • Eliminates cross-contamination.
  • High density plastic liners, ruggedly constructed stands.
  • Fully mobile and portable.


The very highest level of Restroom Technology available on the market.

Fas-Trak Logo in Red and White

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