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Experience True Innovation: The ultimate answer for fast, precise application of floor finish, concrete densifiers, carpet pre-treats, and large-scale sanitization needs.

Ultra-Trak Plus by Fas-Trak

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The Principles that Guide Us:

A Relationship Bulit on Trust.

For nearly 25 years, Fas-Trak Industries has been designing, improving and delivering coating and cleaning equipment that holds its value.

Local Representation.

Scattered around the USA, we have professional representation that has been fully trained to assist you and your team with application & care.

Labor Saving Innovations.

Understanding the simple equation that LABOR in cleaning and coating accounts for 80-90%, we have focused on reducing your labor costs.

Exhaustive Video Training.

For instantaneous training, you may go to each page of this site, watch a selection of excellent videos and soon read reviews from past clients.

American Made Products

Whenever possible, every piece of equipment and the vast majority of the components are Made in the USA. It has been that way from the very start.

Service After the Sale.

We answer the phone for everyone. The number you see on this site goes directly to the Operations Manager, who will happily assist with your needs.

Fas-Vac by Fas-Trak

Fas-Vac : Experience Unmatched Cordless Efficiency, Vacuuming at Incredible Speeds of up to 25,000sf/hr.

Introducing the Fas-Vac: Lithium-Ion Powered Wide Area Vacuum. Cordless, fast, and efficient - covering over 75,000 sq. ft. on a single charge. Revolutionize your cleaning experience today!

FAS-TRAK Fluid 3D Mopping System: A Game Changer

Revolutionize your cleaning experience with FAS-TRAK's cutting-edge Fluid 3D Mopping System. Effortlessly switch between floor types with the Rocker Mop and Brush 'n Mop attachments.

Gallery of Fluid 3D Mop Uses

Recently Added to Our Offering...

Velair Pebble Logo

The Hand dryer that doubles as an air purifier with every use.

Available in white, black and silver, this unit is a one-of-a kind in the hand-drying industry, with particle filtration and UV-Air Purification, this unit has been proven to dry your hands with cleaner air than any competitor on the market. Be sure to check out this product which is represented and explained more fully in our Health & Safety & Restoom Care Pages.

Black Pebble Hand Drier

Another Innovation Recently Added to Our Offering...

How LongoPac Works

Longopac by FAS-TRAK

The Most Ergonomic and Efficient Waste Receptacle available.

Stocked in two sizes, the Longopac by Fas-Trak is a revolution in safety and ergonomics. The high-strength, high-density liners are in a long, folded cartridge that fits in the frame on the top, and from it, each bag is dispensed. Be sure to check out this product which is represented and explained more fully in our Health & Safety & Restoom Care Pages.

Longopac Maxi & Mini Waste Receptacles

Not Available yet...but SOON!

Reva Wiper Logo

Reva by FAS-TRAK

Making canister wipers absolutely, positively obsolete. Auto-Dispense Dry or Wet towel.

Soon, you will be able to order or represent this line of revolutionary dispensers that features two sensors - one that will dispense a dry towel, and the other that will dispense a towel dampened with a 50ppm solution of Chlorine Dioxide. This solution is suitable for wiping both environmental surfaces skin with a solution called by both the Academy of Chemical Engineers and the World Health Organization a perfect biocide. See in in Cleaning Surfaces, Health & Safety & Restoom Care Pages.

Reva Wiper Unit

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A worker coats a hallway floor with a Micro-Trak Plus

Innovative Products that make labor a smaller percentage of your floor coating costs.

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Scale-Away Soot, Scale and Scum Removal Pad

Products that Dramatically reduce cleaning labor through innovative design.

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Products that improve Indoor Air Quality and reduce back and other bodily strains.

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Washroom with Pebble Dryer

Innovative products for controlling odor, cost and time to clean.

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Serving the coating and cleaning industries worldwide, from Middle America.

We have shipped products to every continent on the face of the earth (except for those slacking penguins in Antartica). Over 25 years of experience in this industry has made us a common name in the World of Concrete, the ISSA - International Sanitary Supply Association and in many school associations.

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